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Relaxation Massage 

Relaxation Massage

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


All relaxation therapies are provided by a spa therapist and can't be used for insurance purposes



Extra 15 minutes of massage time




Relaxation Hot Stone Massage (No RMT)
An extrasensory experience! Your relaxation spa  therapist uses heated stones to provide a relaxing massage treatment.

60 Minute Relaxation Hot Stone

60 Minute Aromatherapy Hot Stone


90 Minute Hot Stone


Couples Hotstone.jpg
Aromatherapy Massage

Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are used to relieve the muscles along the spine. Elongates spine for optimal function and for enhanced nervous system response.


60 Minute Raindrop™  

90 Minute Raindrop


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