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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Your Session
Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle modality that assists your body in relaxation and restoration. It activates and allows your own natural healing processes to flourish.  
The practitioner places holds on areas of the

head, spine, and diaphragms, encouraging nervous

system activation and restoring proper blood flow.

It is incredibly relaxing and deeply healing! 

What to Expect
Craniosacral Therapy is very gentle, making it ideal for all people and ailments.


It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing for your treatment, as you will be clothed during the treatment and we want you to be relaxed!

Craniosacral is very relaxing, you may find yourself dozing off, and this is perfect! The body does its best healing when you are resting! Don't be afraid to close your eyes and relax into the treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How often should I come for Craniosacral Therapy? 

A: This can be very different for every person, and your practitioner will work with you to develop a treatment plan, but to begin we generally recommend a treatment every two weeks. The healing processes that are initiated in the treatment will continue to take effect for about two weeks after the initial treatment, therefore we do not recommend having another treatment any sooner when you’re first starting. 

Q: How long are the treatments? 

A: We offer 60 and 90 minute treatments for adults, and 30 and 45 minute treatments for children. 

Q: What can I expect to feel during the treatment? 

A: People can experience a wide range of feelings and emotional releases during treatment; however, the most common feelings are warmth, relaxation, a light twitching sensation, and tingling. People report feeling very “out of it” after a treatment, and extremely energized the next day! 

Q: Do I have to be undressed for the treatment? 

A: No, CST is performed fully clothed. 

Q: What kind of conditions can CST treat? 

A: Almost every pathological ache and pain! To name only a few: migraines, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, sciatica and sciatic symptoms, low back pain, numbness in the peripherals like drop-foot and carpal tunnel syndrome, hip and joint disorders, inflammation in the joints like arthritis, TMJ dysfunctions, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, concussions, post-surgical pain, post-cancer-treatment pain, pain associated with scoliosis, disc herniation, even viscera problems like IBS and angina.  

Please see the linked research articles for efficacy of CST in pain-disorder conditions! 

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