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Massage Therapy


Experienced Registered Massage Therapists provide treatment in a warm environment where privacy and personal well being are always cared for.  Request your favorite modalities when booking for the perfect therapist  for you.
30 min MASSAGE
A quick pick-me up to get you on your way or treatment for stubborn problem areas  $60
45 min MASSAGE 
Because a half an hour is definitely never enough time! Great to spot-treat those pesky old injuries that creep up after working all week  $85
Enjoy a full body massage or target areas of stress that require additional attention or focus $109
90 min MASSAGE
Physically and literally, the only thing better than a full hour massage.  Your therapist has ample time to melt into and de-stress all those areas that need specialized attention $159
Relaxing Massage
Massage Enhancements

Consider this a divine intervention for chronic muscle stress or if your experiencing high levels of pain.

Deep heat assists unwinding deep and chronic muscle tension.  Can be used for insurance with RMT  $25


Enjoy relief with heated bamboo tools that are used to warm muscles allowing a deep tension release throughout your body    $25

Essential OILS

Select essential oils are added to enhance restoration of muscles and to uplift mood  $25


50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Myofascial CUPPING

Myofascial Cupping can be added to your treatments by request and with MFC certified RMT-regular rates applied when combined with your regular massage.

Moving glass cups using negative pressure to address the muscle and fascial systems of the body.  Enjoy a release of the restricted fascial web and surrounding muscles towards greater increased range of motion.   

Prenatal MASSAGE

A massage after the first trimester is perfectly safe as long as there is no complicating factors.  Enjoy a massage suited to ease the discomfort which may occasionally occur with the wondrous and many changes of pregnancy. 


Relax in one of our prenatal beds, choose the prenatal cushions or enjoy a sideling position for a full body massage customized just for you.

Massage Therapy ASSESSMENT

A detailed assessment with your massage includes special testing to identify and measure injury or dysfunction. This aids in forming a targeted approach to treatment planning  $65

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