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Neck Stretches



  • Sitting or standing 

  • Tilt head upward 

  • Point chin toward ceiling 

  • You can also pull down lightly on the collarbone/chest to feel more of a stretch 



  • Sitting or standing 

  • Tilt head downward toward chest 

  • Gently grab head near the bottom of scalp 

  • Pull gently with hands 

  • To increase the stretch, try gently rotating head left and right 

image 15.jpg


  • Sitting or standing 

  • Place arm of the affected side behind back and drop shoulder 

  • Reach over with arm of the non-affected side and gently grasp scalp 

  • Drive affected side shoulder down while gently pulling toward non-affected side with hand 

  • Try rotating head up and down while at the end of the stretch to increase the stretch 

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