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Hip & Low Back Stretches


Glute max and low back rotation 

  • Laying down 

  • Lift leg of affected side to 90 degrees and lay it across the body 

  • Gently push shoulder on the affected side back down to the ground 

  • Look toward shoulder on affected side to increase the stretch 

  • Push down on rotated leg to increase the stretch 


Piriformis (sciatic) 

  • Lying down or sitting 

  • Lying down: 

  •      Place leg of affected side on opposite knee 

  •      Grab non-affected leg and pull toward chest 

  • Seated: 

  •      Place leg of affected side on opposite knee 

  •      Put light pressure on knee of affected side 

  •      Gently lean forward toward floor 


Hip Flexor 

  • Kneel into a lunge position with affected leg back 

  • Lean forward balancing on non-affected knee 

  • Activate glute on affected side to stabilize pelvis 

  • To increase the stretch, active the abs to pull the front of the hip up 

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